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Geoffrey Dierckxsens
Geoffrey Dierckxsens Head of IRLaB

Geoffrey Dierckxsens (Ph.D.) is head of the Interdisciplinary Research Lab for Bioethics (IRLaB) at the Department of Applied Ethics and Philosophy in the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) in Prague. He is deputy head of the same department and president of the Society f...

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Jose Luis Guerrero Quiñones
Jose Luis Guerrero Quiñones Postdoc

Jose Luis Guerrero is a bioethicist researching the different moral issues arising from the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare settings. Prior to that, he completed his PhD at Oxford Brookes University on the topic of euthanasia and the duty to die. Among his philosophical inter...

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Kartik Upadhyaya
Kartik Upadhyaya Postdoc

Kartik Upadhyaya is a normative philosopher whose present research explores political hypocrisy in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the mental health implications of social media criticism. Kartik completed a Research Fellowship at the Yeoh Tiong Lay Centre, King's College London, supported...

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Barbora Steinlauf
Barbora Steinlauf Ph. D.

Barbora Steinlauf works as a legal expert and bioethics scholar in the IRLaB team, focussing on field work in Czech hospitals on diverse topics in bioethics. She graduated from the Law Faculty of the Charles University in Prague. She holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Legal Sciences. She is also a graduat...

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Petr Kouba
Petr Kouba Senior Advisor

Petr Kouba studied philosophy at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, where he continued his doctoral studies. During his doctoral studies, he studied at the University of Zurich (2000-2001), Duquesne University in Pittsburgh (2001-2002) and the University of Lausanne (2003-2004). After gradua...

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