Guerrero Quiñones

Jose Luis

Jose Luis Guerrero is a bioethicist researching the different moral issues arising from the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare settings. Prior to that, he completed his PhD at Oxford Brookes University on the topic of euthanasia and the duty to die. Among his philosophical interests there are bioethics, ethics of technology and Artificial Intelligence, biopolitics, thanatopolitics, and environmental ethics.

Publications (selection):

Guerrero Quiñones, José Luis (2023) “Neoliberalism and the duty to die: biopolitical and psychopolitical perspectives”. Isegoría, 68: e29.

Guerrero Quiñones, Jose Luis (2022). Physicians' Role in Helping to Die. Conatus 7 (1):79-101

Guerrero Quiñones, Jose Luis (2021). Covid-19 and our Duty to Die. Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia 77 (2-3):769-790