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12 February 2021
Webinar: Phenomenological Bioethics: Medical Technologies, Human Suffering, and the Meaning of Being Alive
In this talk – based on a book published a couple of years ago – Fredrik Svenaeus will try to show h...
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03 December 2020
Interview with Teresa Baron on Covid-19 and freedom
An interesting interview in Czech with our colleague Teresa on how Covid-19 challenges our freedom.
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23 November 2020
Webinar: Fernando Nascimento on Digital Poetics: Between Phronesis and Poiesis in the Digital World
IRLaB will host a talk by professor Fernando Nascimento on ethical concerns about digital tracking o...
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09 November 2020
Virtual conference: Bioethics and Law
A virtual conference at the intersection of bioethics and law, with insights on some of the most pre...
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02 October 2020
Video: Ricoeur's Politics in a Pandemic Crisis
Geoffrey Dierckxsens presents his analysis of Ricoeur's concept of politics and applies to better un...
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19 May 2020
Preview: Book chapter on bioethics, technology and Paul Ricoeur.
Prostheses as Narrative Technologies: Bioethical Considerations for Prosthetic Applications in Healt...
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18 May 2020
IRLaB answers bioethical questions about Covid-19.
Two of IRLaB’s members, Geoffrey and Teresa, answer bioethical questions about the Covid-19 pandemic...
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12 May 2020
New publication in Bioethics: "A lost cause? Fundamental problems for causal theories of parenthood"
In this paper, I offer a critique of (actual and possible) causal theories of parenthood. I do not o...
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