27 April 2023

IRLaB Seminar June 21 - Sarah Pawlett Jackson (University of London): Three Body Problems: Multi-person intersubjectivity and video-conferencing



This eevent will take place on June 21 2023, 10 am, on site, in the IRLaB offices. Registration is free , please send a note to dierckxsens@flu.cas.cz

Sarah Pawlett Jackson will present her paper on " Three Body Problems: Multi-person intersubjectivity and video-conferencing"

Abstract: In this paper I examine a specific way that video-conferencing modifies structures of intersubjective awareness and interaction. I focus on multi-person interactions (involving more than two people) via video-call. By unpacking some of the key features of multi-person intersubjectivity in cases of embodied co-presence, I will show where and how certain social affordances are strained or lost when multi-person interactions are transferred to the screen.