17 March 2022

Invited Talk: Laura Candiotto (University of Pardubice): Loving as Participatory Sense-Making - May 11th, 3 pm in Prague



Drawing from a joint paper written with Hanne de Jaegher ("Love in-between",The Journal of Ethics2021), in the first part of the talk I will present an enactive conceptualisation of loving as participatory sense-making. Emancipating from the fusionist concept of romantic love, which understands love as unity, I conceptualise loving as an existential engagement in a dialectic of encounter, in continuous processes of becoming-in-relation. In the second part of the talk, I will extend this enactive approach to loving the other-than-human and discuss some issues that emerge from it.

The talk will take place in the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague. If you would like to attend, please mail to: dierckxsens@flu.cas.cz.