23 November 2020

Webinar: Fernando Nascimento on Digital Poetics: Between Phronesis and Poiesis in the Digital World



If you missed this event, you can watch the talk here.

January 29 2021 - 4 pm Prague time -- Registration Free - Contact dierckxsens@flu.cas.cz to gain access.

In this seminar Fernando Nascimento (Bowdoin College) will discuss three aspects of practical wisdom that emerge from the French philosopher Paul Ricoeur's ethical proposal, and apply them to current issues related to new applications for mobile devices that are designed to monitor the contacts of users infected with COVID-19 in ways that are possible. In a broader perspective, such an analysis should shed light on the potential of Ricoeur's practical philosophy to contribute to urgent issues generated by the extremely rapid advances in digital technologies. We propose that it is necessary to review the conceptual dichotomy between phronesis and poiesis in the context of new digital technologies so that ethical considerations about the ways in which new technologies affect people and society are properly considered not only in the sphere of the use of technologies, but also in regulation of such technologies and mainly in the design of new digital artifacts and architectures.