Lasse Bergmann is a philosopher of mind and cognitive scientist with a strong focus on embodied/enacted cognition and moral cognition. He was mainly educated at the Institute of Cognitive Science in Osnabrück, being awarded his B.Sc., M.Sc., and PhD in 2015,17,20 respectively. His work is focused on the experience of normativity in the context of an agent's cultural, social, and interpersonal situatedness. Further research interests include bioethics, experimental ethics, moral/developmental psychology, and ethics of artificial intelligence.

Publications (selection):

Bergmann, L. T., & Wagner, J., “When Push Comes to Shove—The Moral Fiction of Reason-Based Situational Control and the Embodied Nature of Judgement", Frontiers in Psychology 11 (2020): 203.

Bergmann, L. T., “Emotions, Experiments and the Moral Brain. The Failure of Moral Cognition Arguments Against Moral Sentimentalism", Rivista Internazionale Di Filosofia E Psicologia 10, 1 (2019): 16-32.

Bergmann, L. T., Schlicht, L., Meixner, C., König, P., Pipa, G., Boshammer, S., & Stephan, A., “Autonomous Vehicles Require Socio-Political Acceptance—An Empirical and Philosophical Perspective on the Problem of Moral Decision Making,” Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience 12: 31.